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24 Hour Lock & Door Repair

††† How would you go about making an existing doorway more secure? Even with a well constructed home, with a good door, how can you be sure your door is secure? A good, secure entryway is one of your first lines of defense, especially against today's dynamic home invasions. So how DO you go about securing your entryways? You need security doors and security door locks.

A deadbolt does not secure your door! The most common way used to force entry through a door with a wooden door frame is to simply kick it or shoulder slam it open. The weakest point is almost always the lock strike plate that holds the latch or lock bolt in place. A home security device like deadbolts and steel doors are not the problem. The average door strike plate is secured only by the soft-wood door jamb molding. These lightweight moldings are often tacked on to the door frame and can be torn away with a firm kick or shoulder slam. Chiseling and removing wood to fit the locks will also result in a much weakened door frame. Unless extra reinforcement is taken to strengthen the door frame, a forced entry or kick-in burglary, will split open the wooden door frame around the lock. FBI statistics show 70% of all break-ins are from door-frame failure. 2:00 in the afternoon is the biggest break-in time. Because of these construction flaws, it makes sense to upgrade to a heavy-duty, high security strike plate. The photo to the left shows the deadbolt was useless when kicked. Door jamb repair or replacement will not hold unless you strengthen the door casings with our door frame reinforcement kit. A Door jamb reinforcement is the key to keeping criminals out of your home.
















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Door Repair & Replacement Specialist

†† If you Are in the Orlando or Central Florida Area and would like a FREE ESTIMATE on a door repair or replacement Please Call us at 407-877-6444 For Orange County or for the Lake County area call 352-394-5854

††† We are a locksmith, Door, Access Control, and CCTV Camera repair and installation specialist. The Good part about our company is that we can secure you from all angles because of our wide range of services we provide.† If it is late let our 24 hour Emergency Lock & door repair service provide you with a service you will remember for years to come.

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Re-Keying is when the cylinder of your lock is changed by replacing the pins so that the current key will no longer work in the lock. A New key with different cuts will be given to you in its replacement.




The reason people should re-key their locks include:† Lost or stolen keys, a tenant moves out, your purse is stolen, New construction and you don't know how many of the subcontractors still have the key, YOU JUST PURCHASED A NEW HOME AND YOU DONíT KNOW WHO STILL HAS A KEY. One of the most popular reasons to re-key your locks is to have all of your locks working with only one key. This makes it convenient so you do not have to carry a hand full of keys for you home.† Another reason people re-key their locks is to prevent THEFT from someone who has a key but no longer works/ lives there.

Re-Keying is less expensive than replacing all of the locks.


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Let me help secure you and your loved ones!!!!

















* Pivots

* Break in Repair

* Security tint

* Door scopes

* Peep holes

* Locksmith finishing hardware



24 Hour Lock & door Repair Service

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